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Alpaca farming in northwest United States

About PNAA

The Pacific Northwest Alpaca Association (PNAA) was organized in 1994 by alpaca owners and breeders in Washington, Idaho, and Montana. The purpose of PNAA is to provide information to the public on alpacas, to promote education opportunities for our members, and to promote the growth of the alpaca industry.


Our non-profit organization is operated by our members on a volunteer basis.  

Members' Meetings

PNAA sponsors and supports a variety of meetings and seminars throughout the year. People interested in learning about alpacas are cordially invited to attend these events. Monthly membership phone conference to offer members a platform for input and informed. 

Alpaca Events

PNAA sponsors an annual alpaca show, the Northwest Alpaca Showcase. Showcase has been held the last weekend in April and the last of October at the TRAC in Pasco (the Tri-Cities), WA. The Showcase brings together breeders from throughout the Northwest and includes a halter show, a fiber event and farm booths with alpacas and alpaca information. For more information on the Showcase check out the showcase page on this web site. 

The Board members of the association are:

President Eddie Van Hout 208-473-0373
Vice President Tammy Watkins 509-572-7708  
Secretary          Marie Hurley   
Treasurer Mary Jo Monteith  509-431-7820