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Alpaca farming in northwest United States

NW Alpaca Showcase Fleece Show

April 8, 2020:  Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, the PNAA Board and Ed Committee made the difficult decision to postpone this Fleece Show until further notice.  Please be watching for rescheduled dates this fall or next spring.

Thank you for your understanding.  Be safe!



AOA Certified Fleece Show

With AOA Senior Judge Cheryl Gehly!


What a great way to show off your alpacas without having to take them off the farm! 

  • Entry fee only $45 per fleece
  • Promote your farm and breeding stock
  • Promote your alpaca and its potential
  • Your fleece is judged against an ideal fleece standard, rather than other fleeces in the show

For all rules & judging criteria refer to Alpaca Owners Association Inc 2020 Show System Handbook.  This may be downloaded from the AOA home page at

In the AOA fleece Judging System, fleeces are judged individually against the AOA Fleece Judging Scorecard and are judged anonymously.  Fleeces are judged by comparing them to an ideal fleece, which is expressed by a perfect score of 100 on the AOA Suri or Huacaya Fleece Scorecard.  The Scorecard is divided into sections, with each section describing a particular fleece characteristic and the maximum number of points allocated for the ideal of that characteristic.  A fleece is evaluated for each characteristic and a number of points are assigned according to how close it comes to the ideal.  The scores from all sections are then added to give the total score for the fleece.  The fleece with the highest score wins the class. 

First, Second, and Third place ribbons will be awarded, along with Judge's Choice Award


Fleece Show Rules: (NOT inclusive see Show System Handbook for all Rules)

  • An alpaca or its fleece must be entered in the name of the owner as listed on the Show Entry Form or the individual listed as owner on the Owner of Record for Show entry Form.  A spouse or domestic partner is regarded as synonymous with the owner entered to be in compliance with the Exhibitor Rule.
  • Partnership investment on the AOA/ARI Alpaca Registry Certificate will be considered as full ownership in determining show entry and is considered as an entry subject to the Exhibitor Rule for the entering farm.  Partners in these alpacas are eligible to enter the fleeces in their own names subject to these same restrictions. 
  • Each fleece entry shall be accompanied by the following (incomplete or missing information may result in disqualification of entry):    

a. Copy of AOA/ARI Alpaca Registry Certificate

b. Accurate date of this shearing

c. Accurate date of prior shearing

  d. Method of shearing (hand or electric)

e. Accurate total days of growth

f. Owner identification

  • Fleece shall consist of the prime fiber only (defined as blanket area which may include portions of the upper leg and neck that are consistent with the blanket in quality and length) and shall be displayed full and intact, not prepared or artificially enhance in any manner (see full rules prohibiting enhancement in Halter Rules - does not include "dryer sheets" used for moth/pest control), must be skirted , and shall be displayed cut side out for Huacaya, cut side in for Suri.  the exhibitor must enter the fleece in a clear plastic bag of 1 ml or less thickness and approximately 30 gallons
  • Fleece entries shall be judged by entry number only , with exhibitor information being removed from Fleece Tag prior to judging
  • Length of fiber:
  1. Huacaya: Minimum length of entire fleece presented to be three inches with no maximum under first birthday, with a maximum of eight inches for first birthday and older.

  2. Suri: Minimum length of fleece presented to be three inches with no maximum under second birthday, with a maximum of nine inches for second birthday and older.
  • Fleeces with a high degree of vegetable matter or contamination are difficult to evaluate and may be marked down accordingly
  • Fleeces shall not be washed, artificially enhanced, trimmed, blocked or plucked (removal of guard hairs throughout the blanket).  See full rules prohibiting enhancement in Halter Rules (does not include "dryer sheets" used for moth/pest control)
  • Fleeces shall not be shown beyond 380 days of shearing date.


Register and pay online as indicated on NW Showcase Registration

Direct any questions and send fleece with correct tags, certificates and Exhibitor Disclosure Form to: 

Dawn Beals, Fleece Show Superintendent

c/o  Sandollar Alpacas

2001 Washington Street

Kennewick, WA 99337



Registration Deadline April 30, 2020

Mail in entry must be received by 6pm May 12, 2020