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Letters From the Board

These letter were presented to the board and members on Feb, 12, 2019


From the President:
In the summer of 2017, I was asked and encouraged to take the position of Vice President of PNAA (an all volunteer board). I served as VP for one year, then when the previous President’s term ended July 31st, 2018, I was encouraged, and asked to take the President position on this all volunteer Board. I did this because I truly believe If you want to make a difference you must step up to the plate instead of hiding in the shadows. 

I along with the other Board members of PNAA had hope, enthusiasm and drive. We were told that this Board would make a difference as we are very proactive. Sadly within 6 months this was met with great negativity, resistance and absolutely no support for the job we were asked to do.

The undermining and unwillingness by members to see the bigger picture has become very clear. Those members who are clearly unwilling to take a position on the Board though continue to “run the board from outside the board” has become intolerable. 

This Board has put in an endless amount of personal hours in attempting to present ideas and plans to better this association in a positive direction, both for member growth as well as financial growth. Most of which has again, been met with great resistance and negativity from members resulting in much conflict, friction, and antagonistic behavior among members.  
Due to the continual strife this position has brought to my life, I will be stepping down early, (after one of the two years) from the position of President of PNAA.

This email will serve as my official letter of resignation, effective July 31st, 2019.


Tammy Watkins, President


From the Vice President:

As you all know I came to this Board position with a vision, passion and great enthusiasm. When asked to volunteer (key word here) I was told and was encouraged that we as Board members were needed to give PNAA a voice and direction to grow as we set out to rebuild after much turmoil and little monetary funds from past internal issues.

Instead what I encountered was private agendas, lack of participation, and an unwillingness to see a bigger and brighter future.  Road blocks that were intentional because the direction was not what some members wanted.  However, these members were unwilling to run for a Board position yet were willing to make us jump through the hoops without support. When we did bring them an opportunity to have what they so desperately wanted we were again met with great negativity.
I believe as a Board we have spent countless hours planning, discussing and trying to find creative ways to grow membership and make a difference with a show next year. I am distressed to find that all we have done is create dissension among the ranks, an appearance of inaccessibility and decreased cooperation.  
Therefore, I will be stepping down at the end of my term July 31, 2019.


Jerilin TerBest, Vice President


From the Secretary:

Please consider this my letter of resignation from the position of secretary of the board of PNAA. This letter is effective July 31, 2019.

It was brought to our attention that as a board that we were “unapproachable” on more than one occasion. I took that very personal. I have never considered myself to be “unapproachable”, if anything, I have always gone above and beyond to listen and offer help and advice or solutions to the problems brought to my attention. I believe that we have put our emails, phone numbers and selves out on the web to be notified or asked or any problems, suggestions, or questions that the members of PNAA might have. I may not have all the answers and need to get back to people, but I try. This was the first of many concerns I have had as a member of this board.

I have thought long and hard about this decision and think it is for the best interest of my family and I that I step down early from this position. I am a very busy mother of two teenage boys and a full time healthcare worker. My life at the moment consists of basketball, football and golf with the two busy boys of mine. I do have a commute to work and put in long hours for the hospital in Prosser. I feel like that with this and other items on my plate I am unable to give this position on the board my full attention and 100% effort. I find myself falling behind in the job duties of being secretary.

I will still continue my duties and responsibilities to the best of my ability until the end of this term in July. If at any time anyone needs anything from me, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


Amanda K Hibbs, Secretary


From the Treasure:

Thank you for accepting this letter of explanation for reasons I choose to step down at the end of my term as treasurer July 31, 2019. 

We joined PNAA in 2008 soon after we had alpacas and in fact I had been attending PNAA functions and shows for 10 years prior to owning alpacas.  The reason we followed PNAA was to learn about everything I possibly about alpacas.  To see if they would fit our lives and we could make a profit raising them.  PNAA was a place I could ask questions, network and learn about alpacas.  The show part of the association was there but it was not the only thing offered.  
In 2012 a letter came from the sitting President asking if the association should be dissolved.  I was shocked!  At that time we had maybe 2 meetings a year and one education.  There was not much offered during the year for the members.  I wanted to know why, what was the problem and who was involved or not involved.  I began to call board members and investigate just what was happening to the association.  I didn't get much information but I decided in 2013 I would take a position on the board to either get PNAA going again or help it die. But I was not willing to just sit and do nothing. 
2013 -2014 the association was just about showcase.  Mary Miller had held it together to keep that part going.  When I took the secretary position in 2014 PNAA came in a box with a little information and a web site that Mary had worked hard to put together with Openherd.  
Over the last  5 years I have been secretary and treasure, and when not on the board, I was the person called with all kinds of questions.  I stepped down from Secretary in 2016 and came back to the board in 2017 out of duty to help clean up the IRS mess. 
Today I find the membership is no longer happy with the leadership of this board. This board has some great ideas for building a strong membership base.  With this strong foundation we could have worked toward shows, education and networking for our industry.   But you cannot lead when there is no one to follow.  
For these reasons I will not be seeking another term on the PNAA Board.  Thank you for accepting this letter of notification. 


Mary Jo Monteith, Treasurer